A Letter From My Former Self


Gabriël Metsu ‘Man writing a letter’ 1666

HIM:  Generally, we think of our job as spreading good news, but sometimes the contrast between the life we’re describing and the life people are actually living can be depressing. I understand that feeling only too well. Sex was a source of frustration and disappointment in my 20 year marriage, and any time I heard even a hint of other couples enjoying a free and creative love life, I felt a pang of jealousy. Continue reading “A Letter From My Former Self”

Keeping Secrets

Adolphe Jourdan les_secrets_detail
Adolphe Jourdan ‘Les Sécrets de L’Amour (detail)’ 1860

HER:  We had a party at our house recently where, in a haze of whisky-laced apple cider and white wine, I told my siblings that we had tried sex clubs and vacationed at Hedonism.  They all had the same conservative, mid-western upbringing I did, but, like me, they’re all very sexual and pretty liberal in their views.  At least that’s what I told myself as these secrets came tumbling out and their mouths dropped further open.  They wouldn’t judge me, would they?  When I woke up the next morning, though, tired and hung-over, I felt a sharp pang of regret that I had opened my stupid mouth.  What if they told my parents or my daughters?  What if they knew people I worked with and told them?  We all know how tempting juicy bits of gossip are.  UGH! Continue reading “Keeping Secrets”


barberini faun 220bc unknown greek_04_LG
Unknown Hellenistic Artist (Pergamene School) ‘The Barberini Faun’ c. 220 B.C.

HER: Before our last trip to Jamaica, I went for a session of laser hair removal. It was a thoughtful Christmas gift from you. You knew I hated the red bikini bumps, and the last time I had a bikini wax, it was so painful I swore I’d never do it again. Lasers, you thought, were a painless alternative. Let me correct that misconception before our readers run out to sign up. It hurt like a bitch.

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Goldilocks and the Three Cocks

beardsley cock size
Aubrey V. Beardsley ‘The Lacedaemonian Ambassadors’ 1896

HER: One of the many things we love about our ‘lifestyle’ vacations is the opportunity to people watch.  This is something we enjoy everywhere we go, but it takes on a new dimension when everyone is naked.  While I like to look at both sexes, the men are especially interesting. Out on the beach, flaccid in the full light of day, you get to witness the full gamut of cock sizes and shapes.  The variety is astounding.

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The Appeal of the Lifestyle Vacation

Hieronymus Bosch Garden-detail_4
Hieronymus Bosch ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights (detail)’ 1510

HIM: Ok, for starters – I hate the term ‘lifestyle’. It seems like a terribly one-dimensional way to label the complexity of a person’s choices. Just think about the inane associations conjured by the words suburban lifestyle or active lifestyle. But this is especially true of what was once referred to as swinging but is now simply know as ‘the lifestyle’. For better or worse, it has become a catch-all term for people with a wide variety of interests: swapping, orgies, threesomes, cuckolding, exhibitionism, bondage and domination, etc. About the only thing that unites these people is discontentment with the sexual status quo and a willingness to push the generally accepted boundaries. So, for lack of an alternative, I’m calling this whole mash-up ‘the lifestyle’ under protest. Just so you know.

As with any subculture, people in the lifestyle often feel isolated by their preferences and inevitably look for opportunities to be with like-minded individuals. Sex clubs or parties are one way to do that, but nothing is as immersive as the 24 hour a day lifestyle vacation.

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